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tdub is a Python project for handling some downstsream steps in the ATLAS Run 2 \(tW\) inclusive cross section analysis. The project provides a simple command line interface for performing standard analysis tasks including:

  • BDT feature selection and hyperparameter optimization.

  • Training BDT models on our Monte Carlo.

  • Applying trained BDT models to our data and Monte Carlo.

  • Generating plots from various raw sources (our ROOT files and Classifier training output).

  • Generating plots from the output of TRExFitter.

For potentially finer-grained tasks the API is fully documented. The API mainly provides quick and easy access to pythonic representations (i.e. dataframes or NumPy arrays) of our datasets (which of course originate from ROOT files), modularized ML tasks, and a set of utilities tailored for interacting with our specific datasets.

Command Line Interface